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New Here?

You’ll find Holy Comforter to be a diverse community and tolerant church where all are welcomed. Our services emphasize joy, prayer, and communion with God and with one another.

The Mission Of Holy Comforter

Our mission is simple.
Love God, love others
Serve God, serve others.

If this sounds familiar, it should. It is based on what Jesus said we should do as his disciples: Do to others what you would have them do to you.

What To Expect

  • A warm “guest expected” welcome 
  • A child friendly church 
  • Celebrative Worship 
  • Sermons that are relevant, inspirational, and to the point 
  • Care for those in need 
  • Outreach to our community…and beyond.
  • A place of belonging 
  • A place to experience the comfort and love of Christ for you, so that you can share that with others

Our Worship And You

Our focus is on the joyful celebration of communion each Sunday. Music is provided by our choir, under the direction of Dr. Brad Green. Dress is casual. This is a place for those who are questioning, doubting and seeking as well as for those who have a solid faith in Jesus. An old adage of the Episcopal Church applies here: You will not be asked to check your brain at the door.


There are several ways to become a member.

  • Baptism is the entry point into Christianity and is for any age.  We offer the sacrament of baptism throughout the year.
  • If you come from another denomination, you may wish to consider joining the church through the sacrament of Confirmation.  This is where you become a member of the Episcopal Church and member of the world-wide Anglican Communion.
  • If you come from another Episcopal church, call our church office (706-210-1133) and ask for a Letter of Transfer which will move your membership to Holy Comforter.
  • And if you just want to come and be here that’s alright too.