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Our Story

We began on Christmas Eve, 1999. It wasn’t quite a matter of “no room in the inn,” but for many years Holy Comforter was without a place to call our own. The Savannah Rapids Pavilion in Columbia County was our temporary rental home where each Sunday volunteers of all ages worked to transform a recreational place into a place of worship. Special services were often held in the living room of the founding pastor, The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Taylor, with the occasional “liturgical” assistance from her cats and dogs.

In December 2008 we moved into our first building, The Parish Hall, which serves as our place of worship, educational space and church offices. Our Master Plan calls for administrative space and a designated worship space in the future.

Holy Comforter began with a group of thirty people; now several hundred call this place home. Our service is a blend of the best of traditional and contemporary worship and music. The weekly celebration of Holy Communion, prayer, and Scripture are what grounds us. Here we celebrate the presence of Jesus Christ in our lives, in our community and in the world.