Pastoral Ministries & Sacraments


Holy Baptism is the sacrament in which a person becomes a Christian. Adults, as well as children, can be baptized at any time during the church year, although certain festival days in the church calendar are especially appropriate. Baptismal instruction is required for parents and godparents of any child to be baptized as well as for adults seeking baptism. The Pastor conducts the instruction, which usually takes place on Saturdays.  If you or your child wishes to be baptized, please contact the church office at 706-210-1133 and complete the baptismal form here.


Confirmation is available for those persons who are sixteen years of age or older. Those who are interested in becoming an Episcopalian or who wish to learn more about the Anglican traditions are invited to attend mid-week sessions with the Pastor called Inquirer’s Classes.


Christian marriage is a sacrament in which two persons “enter into a life-long union, make their vows before God and the Church, and receive the grace and blessing of God to help them fulfill their vows” (BCP, p. 861). Persons desiring to be married should speak to the Pastor at least six months prior to the time they desire to be married. Pre-marital counseling is required of all couples. Weddings are not scheduled during Lent or Thanksgiving and Christmas weekends.


The sacrament of healing is an ancient one. References to it are found throughout the Old and New Testaments, especially in James 5:13-15. Trained Prayer Teams compliment the ministry of the pastor in offering prayers for healing. The Laying on of Hands and Anointing with Holy oil are available (the latter from the pastor only). Prayer Teams are available during every service to offer prayers for healing in body, mind, or spirit.


Reconciliation is also known as Confession and is available to all persons. The old rule is “all may, none must, some should.” The secrecy of confession is morally absolute for the confessor (the pastor). Confession may be heard at any time but is most appropriate during the seasons of Advent and Lent.


The death or the approaching death of a member of the church should be reported as soon as possible to the Pastor. Funeral arrangements are made in conjunction with the priest. Some people have found it helpful to their families to make prior arrangements for their funeral. The Pastor is available to help with these arrangements.

Holy Eucharist

This is known by many names – Holy Communion, Mass, the Lord’s Supper but the preference in the Episcopal Church is the term Eucharist, which is Greek for thanksgiving. This is for the sacrament of Christ’s body and blood, and the principal act of Christian worship and is our Great Thanksgiving for God’s saving work. At Holy Comforter, we celebrate the Holy Eucharist on all Sundays and other major Feast Days.